Light, playful & bright with acidity. Buoyant & headstrong.

Spunky and effervescent. A perfect companion to any adventure.

Pair with a fresh catch- from chilled oysters to Tom’s tuna salad.
She loves caviar of course.

Serve chilled in stemware.


Comfortable & complex. Sassy, but you could still bring home to meet your parents.

Generous acidity to stimulate the appetite and cleanse the palate. 

Pairs with a variety of foods- from ratatouille to Mom’s Monday meatloaf.  

Serve chilled in stemware.


The red one.

Pompous & loveable. Drink with bunny slippers in front of a fire. 

Peppery ripe fruit has a lingering dry finish with persistent familiarity.

We like it with with robust dishes, from roast mushrooms to tater tot hot dish. Bruce would even enjoy a cigar.

Serve chilled in stemware.

DryWit cap

One size

It’s a wicked good hat.

Currently only available at pop-ups.