The three varieties of DryWit each has a botanical in the starring role with verjus, juice or vinegar crating balance.

White Pine tea allows Pippi to be light, playful & bright with acidity. Spunky and effervescent, Pippi pairs well with chilled oysters, tuna salad or caviar. Pippi has a lavender label with moss green text.

Linden flower tea lends Salinger a complexity that is comfortable yet sassy; with generous acidity to stimulate the appetite and cleanse the palate. Salinger pairs well with a variety of foods- from ratatouille to meatloaf. Salinger has a rich hunter green label with dusty pink text.

Bay leaf tea creates a peppery ripe fruit flavor with a lingering dry finish that is persistently familiar. Pair Bruce with robust dishes, from roast mushrooms to tater tot hot dish.  Bruce has a peach label with deep purple text.

Each bottle has a contrasting color circle sticker that reads, "Enjoy with good food and better company."

Serve Drywit chilled in stemware as a wine replacement for the wine occasion.